Continuing with part 2 in our 3 part series (part 1 design phase here) we discuss the “Pre-Start Process” when building a home with AR Homes.

The “Pre-Start Process” section outlines the steps taken after the building agreement is signed. Clients are introduced to their construction team, including the Project Coordinator, Construction Manager, and Building Company President. Support is provided for securing financing, and there are sessions for choosing both exterior and interior colors. The architectural review process is initiated, and upon approval, the building permit is obtained, and site clearing begins. This phase also includes meetings to finalize cabinetry and lighting choices.

Part 3: Construction Phase Here

Meet Your Team

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After signing the building agreement, you will have a meeting to meet the team of
professionals working on your building project, including your Project Coordinator, Construction
Manager, the Design Team, and the Building Company President.

Secure Financing

The sales team will provide support as you secure any financing needed for your new home. We have experience working with a wide variety of both national and local lenders.

Exterior Color Session

Exterior Color Session

This involves a session with the design team to decide on the exterior colors of
your home. They will assist you in selecting materials and colors that are later approved to adhere to community guidelines. This can be done in person at the AR Homes design studio or virtually!

Interior Color Session

Interior Color Session

This involves a 2-day session with the design team and your Project Coordinator. You will pick all interior selections including cabinets, flooring, tile, hardware, and more. Following the meeting, all selections will be uploaded to your AR Homes Pinterest page along with 3D renderings of each space. This can be done in person at the AR Homes design studio or virtually!

Plan Review Meeting

You will be presented with your customized home plans for a thorough review and discussion of all details. Full construction plans do not go into production until your contract is signed. The Plan Review Meeting is held with the Construction Manager and Project Coordinator to go through your detailed set of plans with a fine-tooth comb to adjust things such as analyzing door swings, hose bib placement, etc.

Interior Design Process

Apply & Receive ARB Approval + Obtain Building Permit:

This step involves applying for ARB approval, ensuring that the site plan and exterior elements of your home conform to community design guidelines. The ARB approval process concludes with an on-site meeting with your Construction Manager and ARB representatives, followed by obtaining the necessary building permit. Most communities have color and material guidelines that are considered during the sales process. We guide our customers’ actual selections to fall within those guidelines.

Site Clearing Begins

Once approval from the ARB is received and all other elements are in place, preparation of your home site for the foundation, including tree removal and grading.

Custom Home Site Clearing

Cabinet & Lighting Meetings

Interior Design Showroom Greenville, SC

Either your Project Coordinator or Interior Designer will accompany you to the local cabinet and lighting showrooms. While cabinet finishes and profiles are selected at the interior color session, the cabinet meeting serves as an opportunity to design the “guts” of your cabinets and work through adjusting the layout. During the lighting meeting, all decorative light fixtures are selected.

If you are looking to build a custom home, look no further than AR Homes. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the home building industry. As you can see, our custom home process is simple, organized, and fun!