Essential Elements To Consider When Designing A Bathroom

Bathroom Design in The Cliffs, Lake Keowee, Greenville, and Asheville.

Bathroom design presents an opportunity to showcase personality and function in a well used space. Bathrooms are typically thought to be relaxing, comfortable rooms. While not always the most square footage, they are prime real estate. They are often a sanctuary where one starts and ends their days. There are various elements that add to the mood of your bathroom space, as well as lots of materials and finishes to choose from.

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Bathroom Design: Overall Design Elements


The functionality of your bathroom is the most important aspect of the design. Your bathroom must include the components that you will be using every day. The height of the vanity may vary depending on your height. In addition, you may need a shower seat or a lower toilet due to accessibility.


More real estate is being dedicated to bathrooms, and like other areas in the home, they are trending to more of an open concept. Often, utilizing natural light and striving for minimal walls can accomplish a welcoming and spacious feeling. A new trend is “wet areas” where a freestanding tub is within a larger shower space.


The colors, materials, and finishes are what guide the overall style of a bathroom to be spa-like, classic, or modern. Examples of finishes include matte black, chrome, champagne, polished nickel, etc. Brushed nickel is one of the more timeless finishes out there. The more unique finishes tend to be trendier and while making a
statement, they may eventually date your home.

Bathroom Design: Cabinets


While standard cabinetry may be a simple element of a bathroom, the cabinet profile and finish can provide more personality and definition. Cabinet profiles can range from a shaker style to a more decorative frame. Cabinet finishes can range from stains on various woods to neutral or colorful paints. The room layout may guide single, double, or split vanities.

Furniture Piece

A freestanding furniture piece can be used as a vanity to create a unique element in a bathroom. This can be a great opportunity to give the bathroom more personality and add more of a decorative feel. This is more commonly done in a powder bath where functionality may not be as front and center.
Bathroom Design Greenville, SC
Bathroom Design Greenville, SC
Bathroom Design Greenville, SC

Bathroom Design: Tiles


Floor tiles are typically larger scale tiles, but smaller mosaics can be used in applications such as shower floors. Common patterns seen in floor tiles include linear elements and faux marble.


Wall tiles are typically large or medium scale tiles. You may choose to repeat the same tile as the floor for a more cohesive, spa-like feel, or choose a completely different tile, such as a subway, to define the design. Subway tiles may be used as a timeless, smaller-scale wall tile.


Accent tiles can add more personality to a bathroom. These are often described as mosaics and may be used in the shampoo niche of the shower, or as a waterfall or horizontal band pattern. Accents can also be created with unique install patterns, such as a herringbone.

Bathroom Design: Plumbing


There are lots of options that range from traditional, transitional, and modern collections with all types of products and accessories to keep a cohesive look throughout the bath.


The finish of your plumbing fixtures should flow with the rest of the design. This may also set the tone for bathroom accessories or vanity mirrors.

Bathroom Design: Finishing Touches


Lighting is the jewelry of bathroom design. Decorative lighting can help define the design style of the bathroom. The layout of the bath and vanities may drive the light fixture type, ranging from vanity lights, wall sconces, or a ceiling fixture.


Mirrors are often decorative or finished in cabinet material. Mirrors can provide an additional design element to the space, as the material, finish, and/or shape may be unique and complete the design.

Bathroom Design: Conclusion

Overall, designing a bathroom is a critical part of the home design process. There are many opportunities to add personality to your bathroom and make it your own. Altogether, your bathroom should be a relaxing, inviting space. It is an important room that should be both functional and timeless.